North Korean Figure Skaters Make Olympic Debut, To Cheers

North Korean Figure Skaters Make Olympic Debut, To Cheers

The pair were never likely to finish on the podium at the Pyeongchang Games, but they brought the crowd to life, a symbol of the sporting detente between North and South at this event.

North Korea did not have any athletes at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. Ryom, 19, shed a tear.

Nevertheless, if lasting peace is to be achieved by the Korean peninsula, inclusive of liberating the North Korean people from the rule of the Kim family, one can not see the only solution as through American-led regime change in North Korea either. "I'm really upset, and it's a pity".

A Kim Jong Un impersonator did not impress a group of North Korean cheerleaders when he arrived at a hockey game between the unified Korean team and Japan on Thursday.

Kim Ryon Hwang churned her way down the Pyeongchang course in a time of one minute, 40.22 seconds - just under half a minute off the top times set by Italy's Manuela Moelgg and American Mikaela Shiffrin.

"My daughter is so young that she does not even know that the two Koreas are divided, but I hope she feels that they should be reunited through sport". Without specifying any preconditions, he expressed a positive attitude toward direct talks with North Korea. The poor one-party state to the North and wealthy, democratic South are divided by a heavy militarised border. If they can score in the high 60s in their short program or close to 70, that would be great.

"We see that the mood is ripe enough for the two Koreas to pursue a joint bid to host a winter sports event, as the foundation for inter-Korean exchanges has been laid by the PyeongChang Games, and the resolve of the current administration and the worldwide community to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula has become clear", he said. "And the goal for the long program is above 125".

"Our goal has always been to break a record again and again, and advance step by step and not to turn back no matter what happens", Kim said.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in's spokesman told reporters earlier in the day that U.S. officials had signaled a willingness to negotiate with North Korea during a meeting with South Korea's leader on the sidelines of the Winter Olympics.

The issue raised concerns that Pyongyang was trying to undermine global sanctions that have been imposed on the regime for its nuclear and missile programs.

It points to the true nature of the diplomatic relationship between South Korea and America that South Korea had to be wary of American intervention in attempts to outreach to North Korea for joint participation as a show of unity in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

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