Jeremy Corbyn Makes First Official Visit To Northern Ireland

Jeremy Corbyn remains a supporter of Irish unity- as long as there is consent for the move

However, he continued, such an outcome can only occur through the constitutional process laid down in the Good Friday Agreement, which Corbyn "fully supports".

"We would be ensuring the Good Friday Agreement is carried out to the letter".

"It has no power or authority and most certainly doesn't have a role in the internal affairs of Northern Ireland".

He also said there should not be a border in the Irish Sea.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has supported the possibility of a united Ireland, with a spokesman saying that the majority of people on the island had historically supported re-unification.

In addition, he opposed the creation of a customs and regulatory border in the Irish Sea, proposed by the European Union bloc.

The UK and European Union have agreed that there will be no hard border, but are at odds on how to achieve that.

"Opposition to the idea of bringing back a hard border to this land isn't just about avoiding paperwork or tariffs, important though that is, it's about deep rooted cultural and community ties". It also has symbolic significance, he said.

"An open border is a symbol of peace, two communities living and working together after years of conflict, communities who no longer feel that their traditions are under threat".

Northern Ireland has been without a government since January 2017, after a deal between the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein collapsed.

That body has not met for more than a decade, largely because British-Irish relations have been at an all-time high with constant informal contact between officials and ministers.

DUP leader Arlene Foster has dismissed the conference as a "talking shop" and instead called for direct rule United Kingdom ministers to take decisions on Northern Ireland at Westminster until such time as a power-sharing administration can be pieced back together at Stormont.

Corbyn, in his speech at Queen's University, Belfast, will appeal for renewed efforts to revive it.

Mr Austin, who has repeatedly criticised Mr Corbyn's leadership, told the Express & Star that Mr Williamson was wrong to suggest things were "going really well" for Labour.

His trip so far has not been without criticism as the DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell accused Mr Corbyn of snubbing a request to meet with IRA victims. This is a chance for Corbyn to show Labour is serious about its Brexit plan. He said Labour's "common sense socialism" would give the party "a huge advantage at the next election because people are sick to death of the existing status quo that is failing millions".

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