Scientists have created kartove life

Scientists just Managed to Create ‘Quantum Artificial Life

In other words, the simulation is no longer limited to ones and zeros. The research showed that it's possible to create quantum artificial life within a quantum computer, but they are far from providing answers to the question regarding the connection between quantum mechanics and the origin of life.

Superposition is the official name of this property and it treanslates into vastly more information-processing power for large-scale quantum computers, far exceeding classical ones.

Enrique Solano from the University of the Basque Country now leading the team that already made quantum life made up of two qubits. In a new study described in the journal Scientific Reports, scientists have tried to apply the same unpredictability to computer simulation. Accidental change brings with spins quantum States, for example, to simulate mutations.

With the use of the IBM QX4 quantum PC, the researchers coded units of quantum life made up of two qubits (the building squares of quantum material science): one to speak to the genotype (the hereditary code ) and one to speak to the phenotype (the outward manifestation or the "body").

With such systems, they speculate much more complex models could be developed, including the possibility of creating autonomous evolutionary systems encompassing large numbers of individuals, even to the point of creating intelligent, replicating quantum agents. To account for mutations, the researchers encoded random qubit rotations into the algorithm that were applied to the genotype qubits. The lifetime of the individual depends on the information coded in this phenotype. The interaction produced a new individual and the process began again.

Regardless, the researchers are hoping to advance their work with more powerful quantum computers, in particular, ones that exhibit quantum supremacy.

"The goal of the proposed model reproduction of the characteristic processes of Darwinian evolution, adapted to the language of quantum algorithms and quantum computing", said researchers from the University of the Basque Country in Spain.

Some new research is looked at with a lot of excitement and that's because it provides a breakthrough which might just help us with answering the question about life's origin. "What we prove here is that microscopic quantum systems can efficiently encode quantum features and biological behaviors, usually associated with living systems and natural selection", the scientists concluded.

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