Cellphones and cancer: Report says people are safe

Cellphones and cancer: Report says people are safe

The research has produced "clear evidence" that male rats exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation (RFR), such as those used in 2G and 3G cell phones during calls and texting, develop cancerous heart tumors.

The federal government's National Toxicology Program released its final report Thursday on whether cellphones cause cancer.

This is a finding of the National Toxicology Programme (NTP). The studies also found evidence that the radiation was linked to tumors in male rats' brains and adrenal glands.

Dr Bucher explained: "Cell phones utilise a specific type of radio waves, or radio frequency radiation (RFR), to transmit between the devices and the network".

What does this mean for us?

"In our studies, rats and mice received radio frequency radiation across their whole bodies".

The study saw its rats subjected to the lowest exposure level that is equal to the maximum local tissue exposure now allowed for cell phone users. "From what we now understand, it likely differs dramatically from what we studied", said Michael Wyde, a lead toxicologist on the studies.

Other animal studies have found less dire effects at lower cell radiation levels, or more extreme effects in small animal studies using high radiation levels.

The exposure levels and durations were far greater than what people typically encounter. In fact, the highest exposure level in the study was four times higher than anything experienced in a mobile phone.

"We agree that these findings should not be applied to human cell phone usage", the FDA's Dr. Jeffrey Shuren said in a statement.

The lowest exposure level used for the study was equal to the maximum local tissue exposure now allowed for cellphone users, the report states.

Experts have warned the results of the studies aren't likely to reflect 5G technology as it is still emerging.

However, those tempted to toss away today's most important tool of communications may want to consider that the study's researchers did specify the levels of radiation the rats were subjected to were not comparable to those humans are exposed to.

"Animal studies like this one contribute to our discussions on this topic, but we must remember the study was not created to test the safety of cell phone use in humans, so we can not draw conclusions about the risks of cell phone use from it", Shuren said.

Exposure to RFR began in the womb for rats and at five to six weeks old for mice, and continued for up to two years, or most of their natural lifetime.

"Based on our ongoing evaluation of this issue, the totality of the available scientific evidence continues to not support adverse health effects in humans caused by exposures at or under the current radiofrequency energy exposure limits". We believe the existing safety limits for cell phones remain acceptable for protecting the public health'.

The NTP has completed its final reports on its long-standing cancer/cell phone relationship study and the outcomes do not look good for men.

Currently, 95 percent of American adults use cellphones.

Still, the researchers said their findings question the long-held assumption that the radio-frequency radiation used by cellphones poses no health concern.

Future studies will focus on developing measurable physical indicators, or biomarkers, of potential effects from RFR.

"I have not changed the way I use a cell phone", Bucher said.

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