Google to remove auto-syncing between Google Drive and Google Photos

Google to remove auto-syncing between Google Drive and Google Photos

Previously, users who had images or videos on either Drive or Photos would see them show up in the other, which caused some confusion among users.

Next month, Google is putting an end to automatic file syncing between Google Photos and Google Drive because the function was creating "confusion". This means that a particular photo deleted in Photos will not be deleted from your Drive account in case they happen to be the same one.

Google says the changes are being made to simplify features that caused confusion for users. So Google is making changes to prevent this kind of accidental deletion.

Photos and videos you save to Google Drive will no longer automatically be copied to Google Photos.

Google Photos is one of the better services Google offers right now - free unlimited backups of photos and videos across all your devices - and one of my favorite tricks for Google Photos was that everything I took wound up in a dedicated Google Drive folder for easy access and organization, but that feature's days look like they're numbered.

Today, new photos and videos that appear in a user's Google Photos automatically appear in that user's Google Drive as well. Copied items are not linked back to the original service. "If you have a "Google Photos" folder in Drive, it will remain in Drive, but will no longer update automatically". Since both the products are decoupled, items copied in Original Quality will count towards your storage quota in both Drive and Photos. The tech giant's other product, Backup and Sync, will also remain available on Windows and Macs to upload your digital media to either product. While this simplifies things drastically for users, it also means that both services will now have to monitored individually when it comes to storing photos and videos.

The Google Photos folder within Drive will no longer automatically sync with Google Photos.

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