Minecraft's long-promised Super Duper Graphics Pack overhaul is dead

Microsoft Just Made All Your Minecraft Dreams Come True

Devs say they weren't happy with the way the Super Duper Graphics Pack performed across devices. The announcement comes more than two years after the DLC, which was going to make the graphics much better, was officially announced by Mojang. It's saddening that the pack has been canceled though.

That update is that the future is dead, and the Super Duper Graphics Pack originally announced back at E3 2017 will no longer be developed. However, you can play the game on such a wide-range of hardware, all of which have very different hardware and levels of performance, that attempting to get Minecraft looking "super duper" on all of them was always going to prove very hard.

Given the breadth of platforms that Minecraft is on, it is of no surprise that the Mojang's reasoning relayed on the Minecraft blog is because, "The pack proved too technically demanding to implement as planned". Minecraft runs on a huge number of devices, but you don't typically develop an expansion like this without targets in mind, because (presumably) you'll be testing the updates on a variety of systems as you work through them. Of course, PC gamers with the O.G. Java Edition of Minecraft and a hunger for eye candy don't need to wait for Mojang to figure out how to optimize performance on phones and consoles with ancient CPUs, thanks to the power of mods.

Last month, Minecraft developers Mojang revealed a brand new game in the Minecraft universe: Minecraft Dungeons. The good news - if you're not looking to 3rd-party crews to keep this party rolling - is that the official development crews are "looking into other ways for you to experience Minecraft with a new look".

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