Perseid showers put on a show tonight and tomorrow

Starwatch: the Perseids – our most reliable meteor shower

When dozens of shooting stars stream across the sky during one of the year's most anticipated meteor showers tonight, clouds are likely to disrupt stargazers in the Southeast - but not in North Carolina.

In previous years, where the moonlight was not prevalent, one could catch over 150 meteors per hour during their peaks but because of the bright moonlight this year we could expect to see around 20 meteors an hour. NASA reports the Perseids are best seen between about 2 a.m. and dawn. If the Earth happens to travel through this, we here on the planet see a meteor shower.

Monday night's sky over Ottawa is expected to have some cloud, and Boyle says the nearly-full moon may overpower some of the smaller meteors.

- The Perseids meteor shower is set to peak Monday and Tuesday nights with the most prolific displays of the dazzling cosmic event. In addition to the livestream, host and astrophysicist Paige Godfrey will have a team of astronomical experts online to discuss the science of meteor showers and their history. While the peak of the shower is August 12th, a few days on either side can still result in upwards of 80 meteors per hour, though the Moon will drown out the dimmer ones.

While you're waiting for the live stream to begin, check out a time lapse of last year's Perseid Meteor Shower below, courtesy of Everyday Airline Pilot's YouTube page.

The shower will be visible all over the United Kingdom, as long as the skies are clear.

Details are on the society's website but all you need do is to count how many you see every 15 minutes and send them to the address given on the website.

Ice and dust from the comet burn up in our atmosphere, creating the meteor shower.

Will you be staying up to take a peak at the Perseid's meteor shower?

In particularly good years, which do not include 2019, as many as 200 Perseids are visible per hour.

The meteor shower is caused by the debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle. Perseid meteors come from the Perseus constellation, so their radiant (the point from which they appear to come in the sky) is in the northern part of the sky.

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